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Stripy Horse’s Shop Comes to Sydenham

Brr! – its been a chilly January, but we’ve been keeping warm and busy. On Thursday, we went along to the latest Lewisham school to be visited by Stripy Horse’s Bric-a-Brac Shop, and talked about our stories and illustrations.

The Punchdrunk Enrichment theatre company have been working closely with schools to re-create fabulous versions of the shop from the book, inside previously empty classrooms. Their project weaves together drama workshops, story telling and a large helping of magic to inspire reading for enjoyment and encourage children to create their own writing and art.

We all crowded into the shop at Kelvin Grove School in Sydenham to hear Mr Weevil’s special story, complete with spooky lighting and sound effects – it was a truly magical experience. As it’s almost impossible to describe exactly how it feels to be there, here are some photos so you can see for yourselves. But the real thing is so much better!…


You can find out more details about the shop installation and Punchdrunk’s incredible work here and on our website here.

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