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Year of the Stripy Horse!

Happy Chinese New Year! 2014 is the ‘Year of the Horse.’ Horses are seen as energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able, just like a our own Stripy friend…



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Warm Woolly Christmas Wishes!


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As Easy as ABC…

Karen has been busy working on a fantastic, interactive letter-linking ABC book with Lee Singh. ‘ABC and Do’ follows Mouse, as he spins, flips, lifts and pulls his way through the alphabet! Have a look at some of the amazing pages below:

ABC and Do

Stripy Horse doesn’t appear, but you might be able to spot a black and white relation of his at the very end…

There’s a lovely review of the book here and you can buy it at your local book shop or online here.

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Hot Summer Stripes!

Phew! What a scorcher this summer is turning out to be! We hope you’re enjoying all the sunshine as much as Stripy Horse – lets hope it lasts a bit longer.


Next time we should have some exciting news for you on Stripy Christmas things, but its much too warm to be thinking about that now. We’d rather be eating ice cream. YUM!

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Happy Christmas from Stripy Horse!


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Stripy Olympics!

Goodness me, it’s hot out there today! We’ve been enjoying the Olympics on tv, but Stripy Horse made it into the stadium. Here he is doing the Bolt! Unfortunately, his arms weren’t quite long enough for the Mobot…

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Have Yourselves A Very Stripy Christmas 2011!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone – there are lots of exciting new Stripy things planned for 2012, so stay tuned!

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Happy Stripy Halloween

We saw lots of fairies, superheroes and pirates on a recent school visit to celebrate book week and read ‘Oh, No, Monster Tomato!’ to get everyone into the Halloween spirit.

Last night there were lots of pumpkin lanterns on our street (like the one above) so Happy Halloween and hello to everyone at St Joseph’s School in Camberwell, it was lovely to meet you all!

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Have a Very Stripy Christmas!

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Stripy Ho-Ho Horse!

Merry Christmas from Stripy Horse and see you all again in 2010!

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