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New Stripy Horse Masks!

We had a great time at the ‘Word Up Festival’ a few weeks back. A big thank you to all the eagle-eyed monkey counters who came along: you did a marvellous job!

For anyone who missed out on a ticket and the chance to make a mask, you can now create your own at home by clicking the links below and following the instructions.

Stripy Horse Mask

Choose any colour you like for your horse, or why not go spotty?

Monkey Mask

Turn yourself into a cheeky puzzle monkey from ‘Look Out Stripy Horse!’

Monster Tomato Mask

Best of all, become a great big splatty tomato, from ‘Oh No, Monster Tomato!’

We’ll be putting up some more exciting ‘Art and Make’ activities soon, so keep checking back. Happy cutting and colouring!

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Happy Stripy Halloween

We saw lots of fairies, superheroes and pirates on a recent school visit to celebrate book week and read ‘Oh, No, Monster Tomato!’ to get everyone into the Halloween spirit.

Last night there were lots of pumpkin lanterns on our street (like the one above) so Happy Halloween and hello to everyone at St Joseph’s School in Camberwell, it was lovely to meet you all!

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