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Hurray for Hay!

Our first visit to the Hay Festival and the sun was shining – what a glorious weekend! Here we are, trying to fit as much of the festival title into the picture as possible (we need a wider camera or smaller heads)…

Thanks very much to everyone who came along to our events, it was lovely to meet you all, especially Miss Banana and Mr Carrot (below) and the other mixed fruit and veg! The marquee was very hot, so well done for bearing with us and singing along.

A big thanks also to Mike and Anna for looking after us (what a tasty tea!) and hello to the lovely Garen and Ellie too. (Garen Ewing writes and illustrates the fabulous Rainbow Orchid books – you can find out about himĀ here). We met so many nice people during our visit – I’m sure that staying in a town with bajillions of bookshops has got a lot to do with it. Hopefully we’ll be back again soon!

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