Molto Bene, Stripy Horse!

Following a similar event in London a few months ago, the Stripy Horse picture books were chosen as the theme for a series of children’s bag drawing workshops in Milan. The events were organised by Coccinelle in aid of the Italian children’s charity Magica Cleme

Here’s Karen outside the shop…

coccinelle shop

And then with some of the kids polishing up their artistic skills inside…

Coccinelle workshop

Judging by the quality of the final bag designs she had better watch out…

Coccinelle workshop

We had an amazing time, so a BIG BIG thanks to everyone involved!

As well as finding out just how good the pastries are in Milan we also learnt that the Italian for sausage dog is ‘Bassotto’. Here’s a bassotto that came along to one of the workshops – he wasn’t quite as long as Hermann, but he was very smartly dressed…

sausage dog

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  1. 1

    Hannah said,

    Awwww!! I’m surprised he wasn’t put in one of the Stripy handbags and bought home!

  2. 2

    Joanne said,

    Wow, looks like you’ve been busy.

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